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By Konstantina Antoniadou
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For modern brands  who want to stand out and grow organically.

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Specializing in personality-fueled brand messaging, website copywriting & blog content writing by leveraging the power of emotionally-colored words that convert. The end goal? To confidently scale your business with a brand tone that’s clear, persuasive, and, well, sticky. Sounds good?
Have you noticed that most businesses in your industry sound pretty much the same?

Yes, I am sick of boring, bland and plain websites with no personality too. Granted, now is not the time to play safe because, you see, the internet is kind of a competitive place. There are more than 200 million active websites online today, so let’s make yours stand out  with truly authentic website copywriting &  article writing.

My signature approach is proven to produce content that sounds like you while also speaking the language of the readers who need what you have to offer. Believe me, Google loves captivating content too. 

Seo Copywriting Services

Imagine what it would be like to have clients hitting that “checkout” button because your killer article content just spoke to them. How about a signature writing style that perfectly represents your brand & aesthetic? Now let’s add SEO to the mix. That’s exactly what a blog content writer can do for your business. Let’s  sling some more words your way, shall we?

Let’s put the wittiest, clearest and most persuasive version of yourself you on your website with a brand tone that’s clear, strategic & overpacked with your personality. What you need is affordable website copywriting  that sounds like you –but even better!

It’s easy to sit back and assume that success launches are the result of never-seen-before products, immense luck, thousands of $ worth of marketing  or connections. Spoiler alert: it’s not. With a highly-persuasive launch copy you can  spark the interest of readers that are ready to invest in  your course, membership, program, or product. 

I know what you are thinking, ” can’t my services simply sell themselves?” Sadly no, not unless words are included.  Press release writers can craft content that  lets customers know who you are, what you are up to. You see, great press release strategies alert news outlets, journalists, social media followers and others that a new product/service is in town. Let’s get to work! 

Creative SEO blog content writing for entrepreneurs

can absolutely take your business to new heights. In a nutshell, engaging web content writing tips off Google that your website is worth showing up on page 1 of a Google search, or page 11. Great brands tell fascinating stories, attract new leads & outrun the competitors. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.

The Success Stories

1st Page Ranking | Estro

As a SEO article writer for Estro Luxury Designer Outlet, I incorporated the vibe & feel of Estro into each one of the E.Stories articles with naturally positioned keywords. The result? Most articles secured a spot within the first 6 Google Search Results. Read more here.

1st Page Ranking | Rewind Vintage

My on-going SEO luxury copywriting project with UK’s leading pre-loved shop, Rewind Vintage, positioned them at the the first page of Google. Their article guides outranked most of their competitors. Read more here.

1st Page Ranking | Kdaily

My promotional SEO articles for Kdaily on the trending topic of beauty vending ranked at the top of Google’s Search Results for every keyword of choice outranking leading publications like Instyle & Byrdie. Read more here.


From real estate agencies and photographers to news outlets and racial awareness educators, I’ve worked with 300+ clients, including professionals of all kinds.

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Meet Konstantina

You see, I am like you; a self-made entrepreneur  with an ever-lasting love for crafting compelling stories that people can relate to. But instead of books, I share emotionally-colored words on the internet.

As a freelance copywriter and blog content writer, I have been helping businesses communicate the true message for almost 7 years.

There is a big chance you’ve never heard of me, but you will definitely have read my words, bought some of my clients’ products or read their blogs. How? It all comes down to creative grit, empathy and deliciously-strong coffee.

I can do the same for you!

Time to unlock your brand’s unique voice and let your personality shine through.

Say hello to powerful SEO copywriting and creative blog content writing  tailored to make your clients know, like and trust you. Let’s start by getting in touch and if your project sounds like a good fit, will let the words flow freely. 


For modern brands & creative entrepreneurs who want to stand out and grow organically

© by Konstantina Antoniadou