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Helping sustainable brands and blog owners influence conscious consumerism, amplify their impact & perform green SEO magic – all thanks to words that hassle as much as they do.

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She knows how to communicate in a way that is accessible and fun, with zero “eco-guilt” involved!

Konstantina has been lovely to work with. She is a very hard worker who has a genuine passion for sustainability and a keen eye for what consumers are looking for.
Abbie Davidson
Founder & editor of The Filtery

Ever feel like your eco blog is just a drop in the digital sea, your voice lost amidst the waves?

You’ve seen dozens of fellow entrepreneurs creating bustling hubs of community, trust, and impact. Their sustainability articles, product round-ups, and non-toxic living guides are getting shared on repeat. They know darn well how to make readers feel like they’re talking directly to them.

How on earth do they manage that?

Crafting blog posts that rank, educate, and spark the desire to help our planet turns out to be no easy feat.

It requires:

  • Clear and concise communication of information and ideas
  • The know-how of shifting consumerism mindset through actionable tips
  • An engaging writing tone that helps readers go with the flow, eager to read the next line
  • Expert SEO knowledge (because deciphering the ever-changing Google algorithm is HARD!)
  • Time, sooo much time!

That’s where a sustainability writer & copywriter comes in!

Good thing I’m fluent in competitor and keyword strategy, SEO, and organic growth *wink*.

Over the last 10 years, my signature, connection-focused, and reader-centric writing process has helped dozens of purpose-driven brands and sustainability activists:

  • Outrank their competitors
  • Offer share-worthy insights
  • Build a dedicated community
  • Nail their on-page SEO strategy
  • Scale organically
  • Earn $$ doing what they love

So let’s work some Dumbledore-level, green writing magic together, shall we?

“It’s a pleasure to work with someone as passionate as her.”

Kon delivers quality work time and time again! She is knowledgeable and has a positive energy – it’s reflected in her work.
Amy Tekim

The truth behind my engaging blog writing alchemy?

Motivation over pressure; wordsmithery based on studies in human decision-making & consumer behavior and almost 10 years of SEO experience.

In other words, we’ll leverage my background in marketing and consumer behavior to influence people to shop less & more consciously.

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Ethical fashion suggestions, zero-waste living tips, sustainable shopping guides, feature stories, company news, eco-tips —  what big goal are we crushing next?

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