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By Konstantina Antoniadou

Filled with persuasive words, naturally positioned keywords & a unique writing style for entrepreneurs who want to stand out and reach their dream clients.  

From fashion designers and photographers to gaming news outlets and racial awareness educators, I’ve worked with 200+ clients, including professionals of all kinds since 2014.

My signature approach is proven to produce content that sounds like you while also speaking the language of the readers who need what you have to offer. Believe me, Google loves captivating content too. 

There are 2 things you need to know about me:

I don’t do sleazy and I don’t do boring.

Have you noticed that most businesses in your industry sound pretty much the same?

Yes, I am sick of  bland and plain websites with no personality too. Granted, now is not the time to play safe because, you see, the internet is kind of a competitive place. There are more than 200 million active websites online today, so let’s make  yours stand out  with truly authentic SEO article writing.

Oh and
I also know something about you!

Right now you have a well-thought scenario playing over and over again in your mind about your brand’s true potential. Even with all the article topic ideas clogging up on your Drive, you are still trying to make yourself write those first few words. Turns out that crafting attention grabbing & highly-converting blog posts isn’t that simple after all.

You have to plan and map out the content, do extensive keyword research, come up with the perfect, industry-relevant topics that turn bored readers into excited customers. But, that’s not even half of it.

Now imagine if you could:

success stories

Want an affordable blog content writer that ticks all your boxes?

In a nutshell, blog content writing writing tips off Google that your website is worth showing up on page 1 of a Google search, or page 11. Great brands tell fascinating stories, attract new leads & outrun the competitors. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.

What they are saying


Please allow me up to 48 hours to get back to you to discuss the project.

At the moment, I only accept Paypal payments. For in-house SEO blog content writing, payments are made weekly or monthly (eg. every month on the 15th). For small-scale projects payments need to be made in advance. All invoices are in EUROS.

Chances are that, yes, I have written articles for your industry in the past. Why? Because I have worked with 300+ businesses across 20+ industries. From law firms, real estate agencies and photographers to news outlets, fertility doctors,  and racial awareness educators, the list goes on.

I offer faster delivery with an additional fee. Please contact me directly with your request.

No worries, most new entrepreneurs haven’t had help from a professional writer. I will guide you through the process so we can identify your needs together.

Yes. I do offer ghostwriting services for blog posts, e-guides, etc.

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