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HEY– I’m Konstantina

An ethical fashion activist & sustainable living writer focused on helping conscious readers discover the best fashion, beauty & non-toxic home products on the eco market.

Though my clients often refer to me as “talented, witty, and engaging.” I like to think of myself as a professional sustainab-nerd.

Why? Because I’ve dedicated my career to understanding the intricacies of neuromarketing, consumer psychology, digital marketing, and advertising. But rather than using these insights to drive consumption through scarcity tactics, I use them to empower consumers to shop less and make more conscious choices.

Recently, I completed a series of courses in sustainable fashion, business models for sustainability, and consumer neuroscience at Copenhagen Business School to deepen my expertise in promoting sustainable practices in consumer industries.

Currently, I am attending a 6-week seminar on Chemicals and Health at Johns Hopkins University to better understand the toxicity of commonly found household chemicals and their health impacts as well as how to select products that are better for the environment and health.

My approach is rooted in the belief that people need motivation, not pressure. Guilt-tripping language often leads to negative emotions like shame and defensiveness, which can cause resistance rather than action.

I’ve explored the psychological processes behind consumer behavior, preferences, cognitive biases, and decision-making patterns to encourage more mindful and responsible consumer choices.

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XO Konstantina Antoniadou


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