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The Biggest Problems With Carbon Offsetting & How To Lower Your Carbon Footprint The Right Way

Carbon offsetting seems to be the checkpoint for every eco-conscious company on a mission to become more sustainable However, there...

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The Phycology Behind Why We Shop

“Fashion is about something that comes from within you” mentioned Ralph Lauren, “Fashion is Psychology” Carolyn Mair added, and for...

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Mica in the beauty industry: The Dark History Of Glitter & Shine 

If you’ve ever found yourself opting for a beauty formula solely because the phrases “vegan” and “all-natural” were plastered all...

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The use of blockchain technology in the circular fashion model as a viable alternative practice to fast fashion (Essay)

As the apparel market’s worth is predicted to reach $17 trillion in 2022 worldwide, the fast fashion industry, which is...

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The History Of Louis Vuitton: The Man That Shaped The Luxury Fashion Industry

Exquisite tailoring impregnated with the spirit of travel, instantly recognizable monograms, and the fascinating story of a homeless young boy...

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Anne Cole Lowe: The Story Of The First Prominent African American Fashion Designer

Whimsical white silk taffeta layered with rich silk organza over and adorned with stemmed roses Wedding gowns overflowing with immense...

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