Konstantina Antoniadou

Freelance Fashion & Sustainability Writer

Specializing in personality-fueled blog articles & impactful website copywriting by leveraging the power of emotionally-colored words that convert. The end goal? Friendly, energetic content that speaks the language of the target reader and inspires action.

Trusted by 200+ start-ups  & leading businesses across 20+ industries including TheVOU magazine, Estro, Sustainably Kind Living, the OCTI app, Luxus Events, ILFLS, Bikini Beach Australia, Rewind Vintage Affairs & IndieGetUp.


My Latest Work

From being the fashion editor of Australia’s biggest luxury outlet to working with award-winning wedding planners & designers to writing 1st-page ranking eco guides and easy-to-understand blogs on web3 technologies, let’s just that 2022 has been a creatively charged year.



sucess stories

"Wow!!! From the very first message to the completion of my project, Konstantina has made this a seamless process. She knows her stuff. She asks the right questions. She delivers. She exceeds expectations. She goes above and beyond. I will definitely use her serves in the very near future. Thank you so much!!"
Kaliah Kirkland

Ready to hire a fashion & sustainability content writer?

Let’s make your brand, blog, or magazine stand out with truly authentic website copywriting & sales-focused or highly-informative article writing that’s clear, persuasive, and, well, sticky. 


Imagine what it would be like to have clients hitting that “checkout” button because your killer article content just spoke to them. How about a signature writing style that perfectly represents your brand & aesthetic? Now let’s add SEO to the mix. That’s exactly what a blog content writer can do for your business. Let’s sling some more words your way, shall we?

Let’s put the wittiest, clearest and most persuasive version of yourself you on your website with a brand tone that’s clear, strategic & overpacked with your personality. What you need is affordable website copywriting  that sounds like you –but even better!

It’s easy to sit back and assume that success launches are the result of never-seen-before products, immense luck, thousands of $ worth of marketing  or connections. Spoiler alert: it’s not. With a highly-persuasive launch copy you can  spark the interest of readers that are ready to invest in  your course, membership, program, or product. 

I know what you are thinking, ” can’t my services simply sell themselves?” Sadly no, not unless words are included.  Press release writers can craft content that  lets customers know who you are, what you are up to. You see, great press release strategies alert news outlets, journalists, social media followers and others that a new product/service is in town. Let’s get to work! 

What they're sayin

“I had an excellent and very happy experience with Konstantina! She writes wonderfully, and is so articulate with her words, which makes for an engaging article to read. I’m impressed with her communication and research skills – she nailed the brief instantly! She is a true pleasure to work with.”
Tahnee Karla
"I am so thankful! Quick delivery, great communication, and the way she was able to understand my business and write about it for my landing page I was blown away. The writing was clear, concise, and described what I was looking for in 300 words. Looking forward to working together on other projects."
Latanya Nowarnick
"Konna is an absolutely brilliant and amazing writer. Already in 2022, she's contributed over a dozen well-researched, engaging and futuristic articles that sit at the intersection of fashion and technology - an area of expertise that very few people have. She's thoughtful when considering what topics would best represent the brand, and she consistently overdelivers. I highly, HIGHLY recommend working with her. You'll be thrilled."
Elle Mason

Time to unlock your brand’s unique voice and let your personality shine through.

Say hello to powerful SEO copywriting and creative blog content writing  tailored to make your clients know, like and trust you. Let’s start by getting in touch and if your project sounds like a good fit, will let the words flow freely. 

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