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Luxury Copywriter For Bridal Event Company

Wedding Planner

Real Estate Copywriter

Real Estate

SEO Blog Content Writer

Trucking marketplace

Real Estate Copywriting – Content Writer

Foreclosures & Property rates

Shopping recommendations blog writing

Various recommendation articles



SEO Blog Content Writer

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Aesthetics Clinique

Beauty Business Editor For Blog Series

Beauty series

E-commerce product descriptions writer

Labeling & packaging company


Luxury Fashion Editor

Brand Voice: Inspiring, Confident, Conversational

Our Work Included:

  • Topic Brainstorming
  • Keyword Research
  • Weekly Blog Content Creation For E.Stories
The client

Estro Luxury Designer Outlet is an established Australian business with strong online presence and two brick and mortar stores. We incorporated the vibe & feel of Estro into each one of the E.Stories articles so the voice would be personal, inspiring and atmospheric but still sales-focused. This approach has drawn in clients ready to invest in luxury fashion and formed a strong connection between the brand and the readers.

The results

1st page ranking

article portfolio

Amazon Affiliate content writing

for celebrity client rachel mccord

Rachel McCord

Brand voice

Friendly, Persuasive, Energetic

Our Work Included:

Blog content writing  for The McCord List (20+ articles)

Actress, model, author & TV hostess, Rachel McCord, has been recognized as a trendsetter by Forbes, Glamour and Daily Mail. Established in 2013, The McCord List aims to help women believe in and love themselves unconditionally through inspiring blogs and book content. Through daily blog content creation based on Rachel’s Amazon Live shopping recommendations, we bring her warm personality and convert readers new to her brand. As a ghostwriter, I incorporated the vibe & feel of Rachel so the voice would be personal, friendly, energetic but still sales-focused.

Read the articles
article portfolio

Luxury Copywriter For Bridal Event Company


Luxus Events by Melinda Gill

Brand voice

Elevated, Elegant, Luxurious 

Our Work Included:

Luxury article writing for Luxus Event’s PR strategy

International award-winning Planner & Designer, Melinda Gill was seeing  was seeing massive success in her business. As a part of her PR strategy, she needed an array of storytelling-centered articles to be published on popular bridal magazines and publications highlighting her latest bridal editorial photoshoots. We created a series of emotion-provoking, atmospheric articles based on elevated, luxury website copywriting that describe Melinda’s value proposition and communicates her coveted skills as a wedding planner who has seen in many publications like Vogue, WedLuxe, and Tatler.

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Real Estate Copywriter

The client
As a serial-entrepreneur, Isla set her mind to create the most innovative Real Estate Firm in the Philippines, but she already knew the importance of hiring a professional copywriter to help create a consistent brand voice. Our end goal was to create clear, compelling, and consistent website copy for Isla’s Real Estate business.
The approach


Isla and I kicked off her project with a Strategy Session— a deep-dive into the hows and whys in order to identify her ideal customer’s persona. We explored her ideas, her brand voice and vibe, and the actions she wanted people to take on each page of her site.

Brand Message

Isla mentioned that she wanted her website to convey confidence and forward-thinking, showing website visitors they can trust her advertising and marketing experience. So, we made sure to inline the copy with her ideal client’s natural tone and language.


As soon as a new page was ready, we allowed a 1-2 days review session for her and her team. Her brand voice and vibe are now spread throughout her conversion-ready copies along with carefully positioned keywords.


Isla’s new copy drives visitors to explore her listings, add their properties and positions her as a trustworthy, caring expert in the Real Estate industry.

Page 1

About us copy

Isla is set to change the Real Estate Market through innovation and creativity. Our goal was to build trust by conveying Isla’s knowledge and authority when it comes to Real Estate. We wanted her website visitors to feel understood, heard, appreciated, and confident that she can help them through every part of their selling, buying, or renting process.

The Hyperborea team as a whole is deeply passionate about strategic planning and loves sharing their marketing knowledge with others, so we wanted to highlight this on the About page.

Page 2

Services Copy

Even though Isla was gearing toward the Luxury Real Estate Business, we decided it was better to also include budget-friendly options, especially in the early stages.

Our goal for Hyperborea’s services page clearly highlighted each of the options, show how they make people’s lives better, include some of the most common struggles that people face, and make visitors eager to click through and explore Isla’s listing.

We aimed to make customers feel so customers can feel confident that they’re investing in quality while keeping a consistent brand voice throughout the website.

Page 3


Similar to Hyporborea’s about us page, the Mission copy tells her story in a clear, concise, and compelling way.

Our goal was to highlight Isla’s integrity and commitment to excellence. Her Values perfectly describe her solution-driven mindset, forward-thinking, and ability to communicate strategically.


She is an ABSOLUTE professional. She knows what she is talking about & ALWAYS overdelivers! If you’re looking for a LEGIT copywriter that can get the job done and MORE, go to her!! I cannot recommend her enough. She is extraordinary.

– Isla Abad Santos from Hyperborea 

SEO Article Writer For Trucking Business

The client

The trucking industry experts at Share Rig are already a trusted truck, trailer and driver marketplace in Illinois. But their new purpose was to build a strong, on-page SEO strategy. I joined their team to craft informative articles to kick start their blog and  develop messaging for a specific audience made up of fellow truck drivers, and of everyone who wishes to educate themselves on commercial driving.

The results

1st page ranking

Through careful SEO planning, engaging and informative article writing and naturally positioned keywords, each one of my articles for ShareRig managed to rank amongst the top 3 results on Google for for all our targeted keywords.  

Read the articles:

Is Trucking Still America’s Best Job In 2021?

(1st page of Google for “Is Trucking Still a good job”, “Is trucking a good job in America”, “Is trucking worth it in 2021” & more).

Top 6 Semi-Truck Seats For Long Hours On The Road

(1st page of Google for “best semi-truck seats for 2021″, “best long-haul truck seats” & more).

The 6 Best Semi-Truck Tires Of 2021

(1st page of Google  for “best semi-truck tires  2021″, “best semi truck tires” & more).

What they are saying

“We are extremely happy with Konstantina’s work. Highly recommended“

The Share Rig team

Real estate content writer

The client

ILFLS, the Illinois Foreclosure Listing Service, offers customer support and services by Chicago land real estate investors. As a real estate blog content writer, I started crafting content following ILFLS’ clear, concise and educational brand tone. From the latest Real Estate news to statistics on foreclosures, their blog is now a leading source of inspiration for customers.

The results

1st page ranking

Through careful SEO and industry research, I compiled all the necessary data, charts, quotes, and updates to create highly informative real estate articles that ranked on page 1 of Google as the top results in a highly competitive industry.

Read the articles:

Chicago Landlords Face The Highest Taxes Among 53 U.S. Cities

(1st page of Google & 1rst Google Result for “Chicago landlords tax rates”).

$50 million foreclosure suit hangs over LaSalle Street offices

(1st page of Google & 1rst Google Result for “ “foreclosure LaSalle street” & more).

Following The End Of Illinois Moratorium On Foreclosures On October 3rd

(1st page of Google as 2nd Google Result for “Illinois momentum foreclosures October” & more).

Product recommendations writer

What they are saying


“Absolutely blown away- an incredible writer, communicator and fantastic person to deal with. I will be back for more! Thank you so much”

Cameo Turner / Lashes4all.com

“Amazing experience! As usual! Always stellar work! Appreciate your expertise and such an easy process! For a super busy person like me, the efficiency (no back and forth) and amazing results are so important! And truly appreciate you always coming through!”

– Maria Chi / peppermintandco.ca

“It is amazingly easy to work with her. She understands the style of writing that connects with my brand & delivers every time. I keep coming back to Konstantina, she is a gem find and highly recommend her professional service. I am sure I will be back again!”

– Lorraine Wreford / lustandco.com

“Well recommend! Gives all of her hurt to her work and is very passionate about it. Just what you would want for a creative, personal piece!”

-Maria Skolni / vegvibe.com

Sustainability & Ethical Fashion blog content writer

I am a freelance sustainability blog writer with an ongoing curiosity to explore new innovative technologies, report on trends in “green” industries, create ethical shopping guides for like-minded eco-enthusiasts, and write about subjects valuable to new and established business owners.

Most recent projects include:

  • Writing 1st-page ranking eco guides for IndieGetUp 
  • Being an editor at Sustainably Kind Living  
  • Offering zero-waste living solutions to Net Zero Co’s customers
  • Exploring the sustainability benefits of web3 technologies with Better Living With Desing.
  • Sharing the social & economical benefits of f innovative and forward-thinking school uniform with Kapes.co

My highly-researched SEO content writing services have helped dozens of sustainable brands launch their blogs, communicate their values and connect with like-minded individuals. 

Luxury Blog Content Writer

The client

UK’s leading pre-loved shop, Rewind Vintage, has been endorsed by magazines like Vogue, Forbes, Harper’s Bazaar. With an arsenal filled with the most coveted luxury gems and thousands of loyal customers, Claudia wanted to expand her digital presence even more through highly-informative guides and engaging blog content.

The results

1st page ranking

Our 3 SEO luxury copywriting projects aimed to boost Rewind Vintage’s search presence while painting them as an authority in the field. Through informative authentication guides and industry update packed with naturally positioned keywords and friendly, yet sales-focused writing, our projects  ranked on page 1 of Google as the top results.

Read the articles:

How To Authenticate A Birkin Bag

Chanel Price Increase 2021

Goyard Saint Sulpice Wallet Verdict: Real VS Fake

Brochure Content Writer For Aesthetics Clinique
  • Client: Skinfully Beautiful
  • Brand Voice: Casual, Informative, Trustworthy

Our Work Included:

  • A Strategy Session & Review of the outline
  • Brand Voice Guide Creation
  • Brochure writing for 12 aesthetic services
  • Deliver deadline: 2 weeks

Skinfully Beautiful is a Denver-based spa clinic that offers a variety of treatments including anti-aging, Botox, lip fillers, hormonal treatments, facials, and weight loss solutions. Even though they already had a vision about their brand voice, they needed the help of a professional copywriter to turn their rough outline into a conversion-ready brochure. I was asked to write 12 detailed descriptions for each of their services, highlight their numerous benefits and exceptional customer service.

Business Analysis content writer

  • Site: Kmeetsstyle.com
  • Brand Voice: Uplifting, friendly, lighthearted

Kmeetsstyle (aka Kdaily) has been my own creative outlet for years. Though I have never wanted to use it as anything else but a online e-home for my love for fashion blog writing, small business shopping and sustainable lifestyle, over the past few months I started writing a new series about the business of beauty vending; a rather novel and intriguing concept I absolutely love.

The result? All articles ranked on the 1st page of Google for every industry-relevant keyword including.

Take a look:

Product descriptions website copywriting

  • Client: BrandPack
  • Brand Voice: Casual, Informative
  • Our Work Included:

    • Keyword & Market Research
    • Product description copywriting
    • Deliver deadline: 2 weeks.
The client

Brandpack is leading label-printing business that offers affordable sticker and label printing solutions. Over the course of 3 months, Brandpack added more than 15 digital product sales pages filled with custom options. As an on-going website copywriter, I was in charge of creating converting descriptions for each one of their services and materials to help them grow their eCommerce business even more.

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