600 product descriptions

  • Client: Octi App
  • Brand Voice: Friendly, Lighthearted, Playful

Octi is the world’s first augmented reality social media network with a casual, light-hearted brand voice. This app managed to re-define digital and physical interactions by creating a whole new social experience. Since the app is an AR-based platform, all you need to do is point the camera at your friends to see their AR profile.

We began working together to create 600 digital product description for their in-app shop. Their enormously impressive collection includes some of the most highly coveted fashion that I would love to snatch right out of their virtual selves as well, as well as a plethora of beauty, skincare, home, hobbies and movie-related items.

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article portfolio

Amazon Affiliate content writing

for celebrity client rachel mccord

Rachel McCord

Brand voice

Friendly, Persuasive, Energetic

Our Work Included:

Blog content writing  for The McCord List (20+ articles)

Actress, model, author & TV hostess, Rachel McCord, has been recognized as a trendsetter by Forbes, Glamour and Daily Mail. Established in 2013, The McCord List aims to help women believe in and love themselves unconditionally through inspiring blogs and book content. Through daily blog content creation based on Rachel’s Amazon Live shopping recommendations, we bring her warm personality and convert readers new to her brand. As a ghostwriter, I incorporated the vibe & feel of Rachel so the voice would be personal, friendly, energetic but still sales-focused.

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Business Analysis content writer

  • Site:
  • Brand Voice: Uplifting, friendly, lighthearted

Kmeetsstyle (aka Kdaily) has been my own creative outlet for years. Though I have never wanted to use it as anything else but a online e-home for my love for fashion blog writing, small business shopping and sustainable lifestyle, over the past few months I started writing a new series about the business of beauty vending; a rather novel and intriguing concept I absolutely love.

The result? All articles ranked on the 1st page of Google for every industry-relevant keyword including.

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Brochure Content Writer For Aesthetics Clinique
  • Client: Skinfully Beautiful
  • Brand Voice: Casual, Informative, Trustworthy

Our Work Included:

  • A Strategy Session & Review of the outline
  • Brand Voice Guide Creation
  • Brochure writing for 12 aesthetic services
  • Deliver deadline: 2 weeks

Skinfully Beautiful is a Denver-based spa clinic that offers a variety of treatments including anti-aging, Botox, lip fillers, hormonal treatments, facials, and weight loss solutions. Even though they already had a vision about their brand voice, they needed the help of a professional copywriter to turn their rough outline into a conversion-ready brochure. I was asked to write 12 detailed descriptions for each of their services, highlight their numerous benefits and exceptional customer service.

Product description writer for candle business

  • Client: Aunty Lucy’s
  • Brand Voice: Luxurious, elevated, friendly

Lucy was already on her way to became a prominent natural beeswax candle business in Australia. She knew she needed to cultivate a deeper connection with her potential clients through high-converting copywriting that perfectly described her heavenly-scented candles. We make sure to take the customers into a journey with descriptive, emotion-provoking product descriptions for her business website.

Our Work Included:

  • A Strategy Session & Review of the outline
  • Keyword & Market Research
  • Brand Voice
  • Product Description writing for Aunty Lucy’s 9 candles
  • Deliver deadline: 2 weeks.

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Product descriptions website copywriting

  • Client: BrandPack
  • Brand Voice: Casual, Informative
  • Our Work Included:

    • Keyword & Market Research
    • Product description copywriting
    • Deliver deadline: 2 weeks.
The client

Brandpack is leading label-printing business that offers affordable sticker and label printing solutions. Over the course of 3 months, Brandpack added more than 15 digital product sales pages filled with custom options. As an on-going website copywriter, I was in charge of creating converting descriptions for each one of their services and materials to help them grow their eCommerce business even more.

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Newsletter copywriter

  • Client: Global Equity Forward
  • Brand Voice: Approachable, authoritative

Global Equity Forward is a strategic consulting and advisory company for international inclusion, diversity, and racial awareness. They aim to educate and empower leaders to put action behind the intention to help their organizations, employees, and communities they serve, grow stronger, together. I worked collaboratively with Mya, the founder, to create a monthly newsletter series for her company based on her outline and vision.

Our Work Included:

  • A deep dive into her long term goals
  • Newsletter Structure & Outline
  • News & Market research
  • Email Newsletter copy
  • Delivery Deadline: 7 days
Email Sequence Marketing Copywriter portfolio
Freelance Fashion Writer

I have been writing personality-packed content for leading fashion brands, blogs & magazines since 2014.  From being the fashion editor of Australia’s biggest luxury outlet to working with  award-winning Planners & Designers, I have an ever-lasting love for crafting compelling, friendly, & energetic fashion blogs that readers can relate to.

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