SEO Article Writer For Trucking Business

The client

The trucking industry experts at Share Rig are already a trusted truck, trailer and driver marketplace in Illinois. But their new purpose was to build a strong, on-page SEO strategy. I joined their team to craft informative articles to kick start their blog and  develop messaging for a specific audience made up of fellow truck drivers, and of everyone who wishes to educate themselves on commercial driving.

The results

1st page ranking

Through careful SEO planning, engaging and informative article writing and naturally positioned keywords, each one of my articles for ShareRig managed to rank amongst the top 3 results on Google for for all our targeted keywords.  

Read the articles:

Is Trucking Still America’s Best Job In 2021?

(1st page of Google for “Is Trucking Still a good job”, “Is trucking a good job in America”, “Is trucking worth it in 2021” & more).

Top 6 Semi-Truck Seats For Long Hours On The Road

(1st page of Google for “best semi-truck seats for 2021″, “best long-haul truck seats” & more).

The 6 Best Semi-Truck Tires Of 2021

(1st page of Google  for “best semi-truck tires  2021″, “best semi truck tires” & more).

What they are saying

“We are extremely happy with Konstantina’s work. Highly recommended“

The Share Rig team

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