Real Estate Copywriter

The client
As a serial-entrepreneur, Isla set her mind to create the most innovative Real Estate Firm in the Philippines, but she already knew the importance of hiring a professional copywriter to help create a consistent brand voice. Our end goal was to create clear, compelling, and consistent website copy for Isla’s Real Estate business.
The approach


Isla and I kicked off her project with a Strategy Session— a deep-dive into the hows and whys in order to identify her ideal customer’s persona. We explored her ideas, her brand voice and vibe, and the actions she wanted people to take on each page of her site.

Brand Message

Isla mentioned that she wanted her website to convey confidence and forward-thinking, showing website visitors they can trust her advertising and marketing experience. So, we made sure to inline the copy with her ideal client’s natural tone and language.


As soon as a new page was ready, we allowed a 1-2 days review session for her and her team. Her brand voice and vibe are now spread throughout her conversion-ready copies along with carefully positioned keywords.


Isla’s new copy drives visitors to explore her listings, add their properties and positions her as a trustworthy, caring expert in the Real Estate industry.

Page 1

About us copy

Isla is set to change the Real Estate Market through innovation and creativity. Our goal was to build trust by conveying Isla’s knowledge and authority when it comes to Real Estate. We wanted her website visitors to feel understood, heard, appreciated, and confident that she can help them through every part of their selling, buying, or renting process.

The Hyperborea team as a whole is deeply passionate about strategic planning and loves sharing their marketing knowledge with others, so we wanted to highlight this on the About page.

Page 2

Services Copy

Even though Isla was gearing toward the Luxury Real Estate Business, we decided it was better to also include budget-friendly options, especially in the early stages.

Our goal for Hyperborea’s services page clearly highlighted each of the options, show how they make people’s lives better, include some of the most common struggles that people face, and make visitors eager to click through and explore Isla’s listing.

We aimed to make customers feel so customers can feel confident that they’re investing in quality while keeping a consistent brand voice throughout the website.

Page 3


Similar to Hyporborea’s about us page, the Mission copy tells her story in a clear, concise, and compelling way.

Our goal was to highlight Isla’s integrity and commitment to excellence. Her Values perfectly describe her solution-driven mindset, forward-thinking, and ability to communicate strategically.


She is an ABSOLUTE professional. She knows what she is talking about & ALWAYS overdelivers! If you’re looking for a LEGIT copywriter that can get the job done and MORE, go to her!! I cannot recommend her enough. She is extraordinary.

– Isla Abad Santos from Hyperborea 

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