Hey, I’m Konstantina Antoniadou

A freelance sustainability content writer & ethical fashion addict

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My biggest flex?

Helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs grow organically, attract their ideal readers and remove their website’s invisibility cloak, and perform SEO magic.

My clients call me “talented, witty, engaging,” but I call myself a professional sustainab-nerd.

No, really – what else can you call someone who studied neuromarketing, consumer psychology, digital marketing & advertising?

Not to drive consumption through scarcity tactics, but to use these insights to empower consumers to shop less and make more conscious choices.

  • Chemicals and Health – Johns Hopkins University
  • Introd. to Consumer Neuroscience & Neuromarketing – Copenhagen Business School
  • Sustainable Fashion – Copenhagen Business School
  • Business Models for Sustainability – BMS
  • Sustainable Development Goals – University of Copenhagen
  • BA (Hons) Advertising and Marketing
  • Certified Google Campaign Manager

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200+ clients and 1000+ articles later…

I’ve pinpointed exactly what helps lock in inspiring, educational, 1st-page ranking blog posts as an eco-friendly copywriter for sustainable brands.

Over the past (almost) 10 years, sustainability activists and internet darlings behind leading brands and blogs have seen their DA, organic growth, and earnings skyrocket — all thanks to words that hassle as hard as they do.

Do you want me to name-drop?

What do all these susty entrepreneurs have in common?

They know darn well that guilt-tripping people in the name of sustainability doesn’t work.

The world is changing. The demand is here. But the way you attempt to aid this global shift toward a more sustainable future matters greatly!

People need motivation, not pressure. Psychologically, guilt-tripping language tends to evoke negative emotions such as shame and defensiveness, which can lead to resistance rather than action.

So, I take a different approach than most blog content writers out there:

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i believe in positive reinforcement

No shame. No fear-mongering. Instead of sharing Wikipedia-like facts about the environmental impact of our daily actions, I use motivational, relatable, thought-provoking language to inspire action.

My tone is fun, witty, and engaging to create a supportive and encouraging environment that empowers folks to adopt and maintain sustainable behaviors.

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consumer psychology and buying motives

I explored the psychological processes behind consumers’ behavior, preferences, cognitive biases, and decision-making patterns, to encourage more mindful and responsible consumer choices.

The result? We can frame messaging in a way that appeals to consumers’ values, emotions, and aspirations, rather than solely focusing on materialistic desires.

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I’m Not a reticent eco-friendly writer

You can fully expect me to send overly ecstatic, emoji-filled texts every time a blog post ranks in the top 3 Google results.

Or maybe even be your personal tour guide if you ever find your way to Greece (yes, that actually happened).

She knows how to communicate in a way that is accessible and fun, with zero “eco-guilt” involved!

Konstantina has been lovely to work with. She is a very hard worker who has a genuine passion for sustainability and a keen eye for what consumers are looking for.
Abbie Davidson
Founder & editor of The Filtery
Over the Years

Some highlights


Wrote content for valley rose, Knitted, your arbor, mira beauty & DODO SKIN – just to name a few.

I crafted 600 conversion-ready product descriptions for the first ag social media app, OCTI

helped bodyselfie tv relaunch their fitness on-demand website

I reached 500 5-star reviews & 1500 completed article orders on fiverr – yay!

I was at the forefront of theVou magazine‘s & The Tech Fashionista‘s style verticals.

I became a sustainability content writer for SKL & IndieGetup,

I researched ethical issues and wrote impactful blogs for Kapes,

I contributed shoppable eco-guides to The Honest ConsumerGen TwentyGear and Good & more.

I helped Teorra, break down eco-jargon into fun, easy-to-read b2b guides on the topic of corporate sustainability

I wrote content for Net Zero Co‘s educational blog &  and reported about sustainability, eco-anxiety, composting, textile waste & more.

I joined forces with EL GREEN MALL to help create 1-st page-ranking eco articles before their big launch


The driving force behind my sustainability content writing journey?

It’s quite simple actually. As a sustainability writer, you hold a special power—the power to inspire, uplift, and guide others on the beautiful journey towards an eco-friendly path.

Through your words, you have the ability to ignite a spark within their hearts, awakening a newfound passion for all things green. You paint a vivid picture of a brighter, greener future, where every small action counts and collective efforts create monumental change.

You inspire them to rethink their choices, embrace conscious consumption, and tread lightly upon the Earth. You invite them to envision a future where they play an active role in preserving and restoring the natural world.

Seriously, what other type of niche writing can be half as rewarding as this one?

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