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When you are a copywriter, second-time college student, full-time fashion blogger and hobbyist illustrator, there is one thing you know about yourself; you thrive on meeting deadlines, being resourceful and get things done ahead of time. Honestly, that’s what I love the most. It’s all about the trill of the next project, the heartwarming testimonials and the excitement of watching your efforts pay off.

Here’s the good news: you found a place where a freelance copywriter and blog content writer doesn’t shy away from pouring all her soul into engaging, captivating web content that actually converts.

You see, this creative field is routed in empathy, empathy, reliability, and understanding. Words hold tremendous power, they can attract, persuade, shape and convenience. Don’t fret! I’ve got you covered.

This is where I shine with an exclusive approach based on studies in human decision making, consumer behavior and advertising.  

 Because when I talk to modern, aspiring entrepreneurs with strong values and endless possibilities, I find myself on a mission to take their words, turn them into phrases and craft the kind of web content my clients call “exceptionally amazing”. What’s the one common thing between brand owners who are set for success as opposed to those who miss the mark? They all  understands the true power of words.

That power I channel into your e-home.

Meet Konstantina

Affordable copywriter and blog content writer 

You see, I am like you; a self-made entrepreneur  with an ever-lasting love for crafting compelling stories that people can relate to. But instead of books, I share emotionally-colored words on the internet.

Almost 7 years ago I decided to go for it. Sitting in my small yet brightly-lit and utterly cozy apartment in the center of Greece’s second-biggest city, I started drafting words and making memories that will follow me for a lifetime. 

A moment of truth..

Why storytelling-centered and why emotional? You see, I overflow with emotions. That’s exactly the energy I want to pour in your business as well. Passion. Love. Determination. 

From a very young age I needed an outlet to freely express my overwhelming feelings. Through secretly-written words on scrambled notebooks, I managed to light up my spirit, heal, overcome & forgive.

Now, I help small business owners to find their way to success amidst the beautifully perplexing chaos that’s entrepreneurship.

I do things differently

My content writing services reflect that

As a freelance article writer and copywriter, there is one thing I can attest to; boring web content writing doesn’t sell. Even the most refined corporate businesses can benefit from the engaging nature of warm-friendly copywriting and blog content writing that draws readers in and keeps their attention.

There is a pretty good reason why people hate overly-persistent salesmen. The last thing  I want is to use people’s vulnerabilities against them or write an inflated eulogy.

I don’t do deception and sleazy tactics.

What you need is personality-packed web content writing that highlights you while building a genuine connection with your ideal clients as if you are speaking directly to them.

"Great communication, she really cares about delivering a great service and takes pride in her work. Offered me helpful advice and delivered exactly what was needed. I have a feeling we'll be working again together. Thank you."
Phil G
from FertiJoy
Project highligts

copywriter and blog content writer for 

We incorporated the vibe & feel of Estro Luxury Designer Outlet into each one of the E.Stories articles so the voice would be personal, inspiring, and atmospheric but still sales-focused. 

We created a series of emotion-provoking, atmospheric articles based on elevated, luxury website copywriting that describe Melinda’s value proposition and communicates her coveted skills as a wedding planner 

We began working together to create 600 digital product descriptions for OCTI’s in-app shop with a casual, light-hearted brand voice.

Time to unlock your brand’s unique voice and let your personality shine through.
Say hello to powerful SEO copywriting and creative blog content writing tailored to make your clients know, like and trust you. Let’s start by getting in touch and if your project sounds like a good fit, will let the words flow freely.

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