Sustainability Content Writing Services

Investment starts at $50 – explore the packages

Interested in hiring a 1st-page ranking copy & content writer for sustainable brands?

  • Ready to infuse your blog with optimistic, witty language that captivates and inspires action?
  • Eager to align your content with your values, fostering a strong connection with your audience?
  • How about letting SEO magic pervade every part of it?

If the answer is yes, yes, and heck yes, I’m the environmental copywriter for you — hey, hey!

Why are sustainability content writing services a stellar investment?

You know that praise-worthy superstar in your niche who’s undoubtedly winning the eco-game?

The serial 1st-page ranker whose sustainable living guides are getting shared on repeat?

Here’s what they didn’t tell you: Their booming online business is made of strategic, exceptionally put-together, thought-provoking words. That’s it!

However, words can’t become catalysts for change if they don’t actually reach the target audience

To put it simply, no one on Google is scrolling to page 394 to read ah-mazing eco-friendly living tips & ethical shopping guides.

Good thing I’m an expert sustainability article writer fluent in keyword strategy, competitor research, and organic growth *wink.

So, it’s time to take off your website’s invisibility cloak and perform some Dumbledore-level SEO magic.

For blog owners, brands & agencies

My sustainability content writing services cover...

List articles:

Your audience is strolling through the bustling ethical marketplace of information, overwhelmed by countless product choices. Listicles will rescue them from decision paralysis, showcasing the crème de la crème of products with flair and panache. Plus, they are amazing for SEO.

Guides, tutorials & How-to Articles

Think ultra-sharable, information-packed articles on sustainable living, ethical fashion, zero-waste swaps, etc. No worries, I sprinkle my articles with puns, witty wordplay, and colorful metaphors – because who likes Wikipedia-like guides!?


As sustainable shopping detectives, armed with magnifying glasses and a nose for sniffing out the truth, review articles highlight the pros and cons, the highs and lows, helping readers avoid buyer’s remorse and find that perfect match made in shopping heaven. Whether it’s a book, product, or service, I’ve got you.


Let’s inspire those who seek a greener path. With a friendly tone, playful anecdotes, and uplifting messages, motivational articles remind us that our actions matter, no matter how small.

Freelance sustainability content writer, at your service

4 Blog Articles

240$ / month

  • New articles once a week
  • Keywords & competitor research
  • Progress monitoring
  • Manual content upload (optional)

8 Blog Articles

480$ / month

  • New articles twice a week
  • Keywords & competitor research
  • Progress monitoring
  • Manual content upload (optional)

À la carte 

Not interested in any of the aforementioned packages? Let’s craft a content writing package that meets your own, individual needs.

Blog content writing services


What are your sustainable content writing rates?

Blog writing starts at $0,05 per word.

is my industry a good fit?

Thus far, I’ve worked with blogs and magazine owners, fashion & retail entrepreneurs, Non-Profits / NGO’s, beauty businesses, consultants & educators, marketing agencies, wedding planners, influencers, and many more eco-conscious go-getters. So the answer is, in most cases, yes.


Ethical fashion suggestions, product listicles, zero-waste living tips, sustainable shopping guides, feature stories, company news, eco-tips, web 3, B2B writing & many more.

What type of payments do you accept?

Bank Transfers & Paypal payments. For all writing packages, payments are made weekly or monthly (eg. every month on the 15th). For small-scale projects payments need to be made in advance.

I sent a request. What’s next?

Please allow me up to 24  hours to get back to you to discuss the project.

can i see some success stories?

Have a look here.

Hey, I’m Konstantina Antoniadou

A freelance sustainability content writer & ethical fashion addict

focused on helping purpose-driven brands and blog owners remove their website’s invisibility cloak and perform SEO magic.


200+ clients and 1000+ articles later, I’ve pinpointed exactly what helps lock in inspiring, educational, 1st-page ranking blog posts as an eco-friendly copywriter for sustainable brands.

Over the past (almost) 10 years, sustainability activists and internet darlings behind leading brands and blogs have seen their DA, organic growth, and earnings skyrocket — all thanks to words that hassle as hard as they do. Do you want me to name-drop?

Because around here, our motto? Reversing consumerism mindsets, one eco-friendly living guide at a time.

Think we’d be a good fit?

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