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Over the past few years, I have created personality-packed content for leading magazines, some of the most well-known luxury retails, sustainability educators, Real Estate agencies & many more.

 My signature process has helped dozens of brands and blogs outrank their competitors, nail their on-page keyword strategy and scale organically.  

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As a SEO article writer for Estro Luxury Designer Outlet, I incorporated the vibe & feel of Estro into each one of the E.Stories articles with naturally positioned keywords. The result? Most articles secured a spot within the first 6 Google Search Results.

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TheVOU magazine

As a freelance, contributing fashion editor for the leading fashion * beauty magazine TheVou, we manage to rank amongst the top 6 results on Google for all our targeted keywords while also providing friendly, informative content for fashion-savvy readers.

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My biweekly sustainability articles for IndieGetUp seat amongst the top 6 Google Results, outranking major competitors in the eco sphere.

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Through careful SEO and industry research, I compiled all the necessary data, charts, quotes, and updates to create highly informative real estate articles that ranked on page 1 of Google as the top results in a highly competitive industry.

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Sustainably Kind Living

As a contributing sustainability writer, my triweekly eco guides for Sustainably Kind Living rank on the first page of Google each week for all our targeted keywords. 

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Through careful SEO planning, engaging and informative article writing and naturally positioned keywords, each one of my articles for ShareRig managed to rank amongst the top 3 results on Google for all our targeted keywords.  

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Rewind Vintage Affairs

My on-going SEO luxury copywriting project with UK’s leading pre-loved shop, Rewind Vintage Affairs, positioned them on the first page of Google. Their article guides outranked most of their competitors.

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Hi! I’m Konstantina

Creative copywriter & blog content writer since 2014

Specializing in personality-fueled brand messaging, website copywriting & blog content writing by leveraging the power of emotionally-colored words and an exclusive approach based on studies in human decision making, consumer behavior and advertising.  

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